Words Can Fly
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Words Can Fly is a collection of writings by Auckland based writer Vivienne Frances Long.

Vivienne graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor in Design as a designer/maker from the Unitec, Institute of Technology.
Since her graduate show she has participated in and curated various exhibitions such the ‘Good Wreath’ a Parnell Inc Public Art Show, ‘Woman Vs Moustache’ at Cross Street Gallery and ‘The Silient and Loud Art Auction’ at Long Black Gallery.

She has also been involved with the Ministry of Art and Design (MoAD), the Depot Art Space and the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. In 2013 Vivienne co-authored Nod publication, which was launched in April at Silo Park.

To contact Vivienne about writing opportunities, please email long.vivienne@gmail.com.

"I am a tame beast and not by heart; but by unconsciousness." V.F. Long

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This story is dedicated to and dedicates itself to, the hands and minds of us as nurturers.

A woman looks over a growing moustache fondly, she’s all talk of plants and planets and she’ll tell you everything.  Her children had once flocked but now flown her time found itself idle.  She had at an early time in life, gathered up her patience, agility, faith and virtue, and had placed all her gatherings into one watering can.  Her husband hurried even before he woke, his work wore him and worked him.  At night she rescued from his face the moustache he hid behind.  This is where Man keeps himself.  All children know it and with this as their motive they tug. By night with ease and care she planted into a flowerpot, the moustache.  Ceremonious moments, that she timed well, had her pouring the spout of an endless watering can.  She is a woman.  And for the world, the underlining of man’s nose, the woman’s lips and the child’s tugging hands.  She grows moustaches.  Why?  Because, one moustache raises a smile.

- ‘Woman Vs Moustache’ Exhibition, Cross Street Gallery, Auckland City 12.10.09

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